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About CNN Album

In 2014, Nigerian musician 9ice released another album titled "CNN: Certificate and Credibility". The album, which was produced by renowned music producer, Tee-Y Mix, was released under the record label, Alapomeji Ancestral Records.

The album features 13 tracks including hit singles such as "Life Drama", "Pete Pete" and "Lord's Prayer". It also features collaborations with other Nigerian artists such as Phyno, Seriki and Ajayi Brovas.

The album received positive reviews from music critics and fans alike, with many praising the artist's lyrical prowess and the production quality of the album. The album also performed well commercially, with several of its singles receiving substantial airplay and charting on various music charts across Nigeria.

In addition to the release of the album, 9ice also embarked on a nationwide tour to promote the album and connect with his fans. The tour was a success and helped to further solidify the artist's position as one of Nigeria's top musician. 

Conclusion, "CNN: Certificate and Credibility" was a successful release for 9ice and helped to cement his status as one of Nigeria's most talented and respected musicians.

Released 2014
Duration 47:59
Artist(s) 9ice
Genre Afrobeat
Label Alapomeji Ancestral Records.
Producer(s) Tee-Y Mix