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About Certificate Album

Nigerian musician 9ice made waves in 2007 with his album "Certificate," 

The certificate, which was released in August 2007, showed that 9ice had completed a course on entrepreneurship and small business management. This was an impressive accomplishment for the musician, who had already achieved success in the music industry but recognized the importance of continuing education. In a statement about his certificate, 9ice said, "I am a strong believer in education and the importance of constantly learning and improving oneself.

This course has given me valuable skills and knowledge that I can apply not only to my music career, but also to my other ventures." The release of the certificate was a positive moment for 9ice and his fans, who saw it as a testament to his dedication and hard work. 

It also served as a reminder that education is important no matter what field someone is in, and that there is always room for growth and improvement. Since then, 9ice has continued to make music while also pursuing other ventures. He has released several more albums and has also dabbled in acting and politics. But his commitment to education and self-improvement remains a core part of his identity, and the release of his certificate in 2007 serves as a testament to that.

Released 2007
Duration 01:01:17
Artist(s) 9ice
Genre Afrobeat
Songwriter(s) Alapomeji Ancestral Records
Producer(s) ID Cabasa