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Nigerian singer 9ice had a hit on his hands when he released "Tempo" featuring Banky W in 2011, off his album "Versus". The collaboration with Banky W proved to be a winning formula, with the song receiving widespread acclaim and making waves across the Nigerian music scene.

"Tempo" is a classic Afropop track with a catchy beat and lyrics that speak to love and romance. The song's chorus, sung by Banky W, is a standout moment, with his smooth vocals perfectly complementing 9ice's soulful delivery. The production is also top-notch, with the track's instrumentation blending traditional African rhythms with modern pop sensibilities.

The music video for "Tempo" is equally impressive, with 9ice and Banky W bringing their A-game in terms of performance and style. The video is shot in a variety of locations, including a luxurious mansion, a club, and a beach, adding to the song's playful and romantic vibes.

"Tempo" was a massive success for 9ice and Banky W, becoming one of the most popular tracks off the "Versus" album. The song was a hit on local radio stations and was played at parties and clubs across Nigeria. It also helped cement 9ice's reputation as one of Nigeria's top musicians, and Banky W's status as a talented singer and songwriter.

Overall, "Tempo" remains a beloved track in Nigeria's music history, showcasing the best of the country's Afropop sound and the talents of two of its most celebrated artists. If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to check it out – you won't be disappointed!

About Tempo

Released 2011
Duration 04:27
Artist(s) 9ice & Banky W
Genre Afrobeat
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Downloads 29

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