Oni L 'Oni Nje


Oni L 'Oni Nje

9ice, Jah Bless & Ladani

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"Oni L'Oni Nje" is a popular Nigerian song by 9ice featuring Jah Bless, released in 2007. The song was produced by the legendary music producer, Id Cabasa, and was part of 9ice's debut album titled "Certificate".

As a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, 9ice is known for his unique style of music which combines traditional Yoruba folk music with contemporary Afro-pop beats. "Oni L'Oni Nje" is a perfect example of his signature style, featuring catchy lyrics delivered in a blend of Yoruba and English, as well as a captivating instrumental arrangement.

The song's title "Oni L'Oni Nje" translates to "He who has plenty, has plenty to eat" in English, and the lyrics of the song revolve around the theme of abundance and prosperity. The song encourages hard work and determination, and celebrates the rewards that come with success.

Jah Bless, who contributed a guest verse to the song, is a popular Nigerian rapper known for his unique style of rapping, which blends elements of traditional Yoruba music with contemporary hip-hop. His verse on "Oni L'Oni Nje" adds an extra layer of energy and excitement to the song, making it even more appealing to fans of Nigerian music.

The song was a massive hit upon its release, and quickly became a fan favorite. Its catchy beat and uplifting lyrics made it a staple on Nigerian radio stations and in clubs and parties across the country. The success of "Oni L'Oni Nje" helped to establish 9ice as one of Nigeria's most popular musicians, and cemented his reputation as a master of the Afro-pop genre.

In conclusion, "Oni L'Oni Nje" by 9ice featuring Jah Bless and produced by Id Cabasa is a classic Nigerian song that continues to be loved and appreciated by fans of Nigerian music. Its catchy beat, uplifting lyrics, and blend of traditional and contemporary music elements make it a timeless piece of Nigerian music history.

9ice Oni L 'Oni Nje Lyrics

Come on girl let me see you shake to the beat

Come on girl

Let me see you shaking to the hit

Come on girl

Without you this beat no complete

Come on girl

Please dance to the beat

If you not dancing then shame on me

When you roll that thing girl same noni

Go mummy call other honeys no dummy

This is for the big boys, aristos and big daddy

We hit the club 11:45,

Step on the floor 7:45

On along keeping them alive

Strictly shayo omo no Five alive

To ba di pe a fe gba jo

I make dem beat down, I make them loose control

Omoge please bend down low

Ina ka ma na e oh

24/7 laafi jawe

Coded tunes don come to stay

E don tey no be today, ina ka la na wa o

In the mission and the vision we still make you dance

No decent dance we satisfy your dance

Akoka is were we form

We use dem light still the fire dey burn

This na be the way we dey make you understand

Strong enough don’t underestimate the same way you dey hear

Omo, shawty e no easy

So right now lets get busy

Oni loni nje, e ni a be lowo e

Emi ti lo, emi ma ti mo be

To ba le jo tete ma lo ile re

Cause the parry is for everybody

I look around okan mi si baale

Mo tun wo eyin wo, mo ri owun ton sele

Ko sisi eni to komole pelu bobo yen

This party is all in all

About Oni L 'Oni Nje

Released 2007
Duration 04:54
Artist(s) 9ice, Jah Bless & Ladani
Genre Afrobeat
Producer(s) ID Cabasa
Views 1
Downloads 27

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