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"Pete Pete" is a collaborative track by Nigerian singers 9ice and Asa. The song was released in 2009 as part of 9ice's studio album, "Tradition". It quickly became a fan favorite and one of the most popular tracks from the album.

"Tradition" was released in 2009 and was 9ice's follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album, "Certificate". The album was a success, and it showcased 9ice's versatility as an artist, blending traditional Yoruba music with contemporary styles. "Pete Pete" was a standout track on the album, and it further cemented 9ice's reputation as one of Nigeria's most talented artists.

The song features Asa's soulful vocals, which perfectly complement 9ice's smooth delivery. The lyrics are a mix of English and Yoruba, and they tell the story of a complicated relationship. The song's title, "Pete Pete", is a Yoruba slang phrase that means "slowly but surely". The lyrics encourage the listener to take their time in matters of the heart and not rush into things.

The music video for "Pete Pete" was also released in 2009. It features 9ice and Asa in various locations, including a beach, a market, and a recording studio. The video's simple yet stylish aesthetic perfectly matches the song's laid-back vibe.

Overall, "Pete Pete" is a beautiful collaboration between two of Nigeria's most talented artists. It showcases both 9ice and Asa's unique styles and highlights the beauty of blending traditional and contemporary sounds. The song remains a popular favorite among fans of Nigerian music, and it is sure to continue to be a classic for years to come.

9ice Pete Pete Lyrics

Uuuhh, sebe le ma sun?
(Sebe le ma-?)
Ojo re bi ana ta gbominira, 1960
Nigba yen, things easy
Gege bo se wi
Ta rugbo, tomidan
L'o n dunu, pa tin gbominira
Omi inira, indeed abi ewo naira wa
Ilu polukulumushu
Tewe, tagba lon jeyan won nisu
Abe ori? Ewe eri, sugbo e ofewi
Abe ori? Agba eri, atenuje lofe pa yin
Pete-pete tana ni popa
Eni bataba kolo mofe ni
Sebe lema sun?
Teba sope omo nkan-kan
Eyin aro lema waa (sebe la maa)
Mewa nsele o
Sebe lema sun? (Sebe lema sun un?)
Eni woseju akan o
Eyin aro lema waa
Mewa nsele o
Kini suuru tio lere?
Kini ise, ti ko sere?
Won sa leyan tio loruko
Okuku sise oden rere e
Aah, ede sope a siwa l'omode
Nkan sa l'eiye nje kagbado tode
9ice, oro gidi loso
Oro to o nilari loso
Anlati fi laka yesi
Kasoro sibi torowa
Sebe le masun oo? (Sebe le masun un?)
Eyin aro lema wa a (sebe lema sun un?)
Mewa nsele o
Sebe lema sun un?
Teba ro seju akan
Eyin aro lema wa o
Mewa nsele o
Odi asiko ibo yen
Won wa s'adugbo
Won asomo je-je
Eje kan wole tan
Gbogbo eje tan je (kai!), la wo kese
Toba tun se were la siko ibo
Won ani kodo tolo bere
Won a senu mere
Kalo-kalo gbe nkan mi senu uye (kalo-kalo senu uye)
Afira aditu ti iwole
Talo dibo fun un?
Pasan ta fi na yale
Onbe lori aja fun un un
Odo elo tunramu
Ema jo anpagbon ni funfun
Fun yin
Mowi temi ii—
Asegbe kan kosi oo
Asepamo lowa (beni, beni, beni, beni—)
Ase sile labo waba
Emi oti iku, mo sile sise
Mo sile fowo wewo
Mo sile tule mise iiiii
Sebe lema sun un?
Teba sope omo nkankan
Eyin aro lema wa a
Mewa nsele o
Sebe le ma sun un?
Eni woseju akan o
Eyin aro lema waa
Sebe le maa? (Mewa nsele o)
Lema sun un
Asa o se, omo nla
Lema sun un
Lema sun un
Lema sun un
Sun un

About Pete Pete

Released 2009
Duration 04:14
Artist(s) 9ice & Asa
Genre Afrobeat
Label Alapomeji Records
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Downloads 29

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