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9ice is a Nigerian musician who has made a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry with his unique style of music. One of the standout tracks from his 2007 album "Certificate" was the skit titled "Testimony" featuring Bash.

The skit begins with Bash narrating a story about a man who was involved in a car accident and was rushed to the hospital. The man was in critical condition and his family and friends were praying for his recovery. However, the man's condition continued to deteriorate and the doctors informed his family that there was little hope for his survival.

As the man lay in his hospital bed, he had a vision of himself being taken to heaven. He saw the gates of heaven open and heard a voice calling out to him. The man was hesitant to enter, but the voice reassured him that he had been chosen to testify about his experiences when he returned to earth.

The skit ends with Bash urging listeners to take stock of their lives and be grateful for all the blessings they have received. He also encourages listeners to live their lives in a way that will make a positive impact on others.

"Testimony" was a powerful and thought-provoking skit that resonated with many listeners. It highlighted the importance of gratitude and the need to live a purpose-driven life. The skit was a testament to 9ice's ability to use his music to address important social and spiritual issues.

9ice Testimony Skit Lyrics

Yes yes yes,

You are welcomed to the fantastic programme

This programme is a very fantastic program

You are welcome to ororo radio station

No station sa

When we just posted the name of your presenter is

Bash, but he is a very fantastic artist

We have this new art, he is the topest in the whole country

He is the hottest the healest that guy six more

So we need to move to the north

To hear the comentry from our brother

Walahitalai my name na adamu

The name of the musician wey I dey reighn for my country

Dem name am rice

That guy is a very fantastic musician ko

And that guy I can sing little money, little money I wanam

Thank you very much, thank you, thank you

That’s from the north,

We need to go to the west to hear your brother

To see what dey have got to say about this hottest boy

And you know his name is

Nna this is serious

Wassap ntakwano, that guy name is 9ice

That guy is really nice when it comes to sanging song

He as sang song song that music has begin to sang song him

It is a very fantastic thing

Thank you thank you

We need to move down down to the west

And I remain your bash

That’s the name of your presenter

We move down to the west

And you know his name

Give it up from the guy from the west

Ah bobo yi ko orin

9ice abi kin lon pe, bobo oun ko yo, o kori danu

That guy is a very good and fantastic musician

He has sang and song music that I love

9ice bon se ko orin gbogbo ota re to wipe sori

Thank you thank you thank you

He is a very fantastic artist

Now I will like to present this fantastic artist to you

Give it up for 9ice

Thank you very much, e be like say I don mess

Give it up for 9ice, even so my mess dey smell 9ice

Thank you

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Released 2007
Duration 01:53
Artist(s) 9ice & Bash
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