Babes Voice Skit


Babes Voice Skit


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Gongo Aso

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"Babes Voice Skit" is a humorous skit included in the "Gongo Aso" album by 9ice, a popular Nigerian musician. The skit was released in 2008, following the success of the album's title track and other hit songs from the project.

In "Babes Voice Skit," 9ice uses a comical approach to address the issue of women using their voices to deceive men. The skit features a female voice that claims to be a "sweet baby," promising to love and care for 9ice. However, as the skit progresses, it becomes clear that the voice is not genuine but rather a ploy to manipulate and deceive men.

The skit is a satirical commentary on the behavior of some women who use their voices and charms to manipulate men. It highlights the need for men to be cautious and not fall for such tactics.

Although "Babes Voice Skit" is not a full-length song, it became popular among fans of 9ice and contributed to the success of the "Gongo Aso" album. The skit showcases 9ice's ability to infuse humor into his music, making it relatable and entertaining for his audience.

Overall, "Babes Voice Skit" is a lighthearted addition to the "Gongo Aso" album, which was widely acclaimed for its unique blend of different genres of Nigerian music. It remains a popular skit among fans of 9ice and is often cited as an example of his musical versatility and creativity.

9ice Babes Voice Skit Lyrics

Hey baby, it's me
I just wanna let you know how much I miss you right now
Craving and dying to give you a hug so bad
Hope you had a nice day?
I'll talk to you soon, bye

About Babes Voice Skit

Released 2008
Duration 00:16
Artist(s) 9ice
Genre Afrobeat
Views 3
Downloads 38

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