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"Story Skit" is a humorous skit featured on 9ice's debut album "Certificate", which was released in 2007. The skit is a spoken-word piece that follows a conversation between two men who are discussing the merits of 9ice's music.

The skit begins with one man asking the other if he has heard 9ice's music. The other man responds that he has and that he thinks it's "just another noise". The first man disagrees and launches into a hilarious defense of 9ice's music, arguing that it is much more than just noise.

Throughout the skit, the two men engage in a back-and-forth conversation that is both witty and entertaining. The skit is notable for its clever wordplay and its use of Nigerian pidgin English, which adds to its authenticity and humor.

"Story Skit" is a testament to 9ice's ability to not only create great music but also to entertain his fans with humor and wit. The skit is an example of the creative range and versatility that made "Certificate" such a groundbreaking album in Nigerian music.

9ice Story Skit Lyrics

Yeah lets go lets go this is serious

My name is bash am a comedian

I no get things to yarn to much

Its all about this hottest boy wey dey reign for music

You like am or not go to anywhere yu like

All is even better

I like to introduce to you this fantastic artist

Its not new introduction

Everywhere for my family the hottest music we dey hear now na 9ice

That guy he don sing

The guy no fat he slim

But bone the situation of the country he show for the guy body

Na still 9ice an thank you very much

And I go thank you too much it’s a normal thing

9ice keep it up and when you make am no forget me o

You get award remember dedicate am to me

If you no dedicate am God punish devil okay

Thank you very much as I bless 9ice, thanks

About Story Skit

Released 2007
Duration 00:51
Artist(s) 9ice
Genre Afrobeat
Views 2
Downloads 27

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